Why Choose Kreuz Outdoor?

Certified Guides
All our guides are well trained and fully certified by our government.

Lavish Meal and First Class Gears
During our programs we entertain our guests with lavish meals, as well as first class gear. When it comes to guest service, we don’t allow any compromises. Providing our guests with the real taste of the Nepali cuisine has always been a very important part of our tours and treks.
We create unforgettable moments with our guest.Apart from the customer satisfaction, we always go beyond the limit and create unforgettable moments for our guests. We do our best to fulfill their expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs.

Broad Risk Management
Safety and Security are a significant part of our programs. For this reason, our guides have to undergo proper first aid trainings as well as risk management programs.
Our guides are fully certified regarding broad risk management programs. Safety and Security of the guest is our prior importance.

Promotion of Eco friendly and responsible tourism
We organize programs and tours that do not affect any component in the environment. We minimize the negative social, economic and environmental impact, but generate economic benefits for the local people and enhance the well being of the host communities.

An opportunity to learn and grow
During our tours and treks we always try to create an atmosphere where our guests and employees have a chance to learn and grow about each other regarding culture, religion, ethnic diversity etc.
We always encourage our employees to get engaged with the guest and create an emotional attachment.

Flexible offers
Although most of the terms and conditions cannot be altered because of the risks in tourism field, our offers are made in such a way that they offer maximum flexibility or extendibility. There aren’t exactly hard and fast rules regarding schedule and length of travels and if a customer demands a certain degree of alteration, the agency will customize to accommodate. However, costs will alter accordingly.