Terms and Condition

1. Advance Booking.
As per company policy, the advance booking should be done 3 months before the tour and it is mandatory that the client should pay 25% of the total amount at that the time.
Bank Details
Name of the Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited.
Account Name: kreuz Outdoor Treks and Travel P. LTD.
Account Number: 01906674260019
Swift Code: HIMA NP KA
Address: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2. The Last moment booking.
The last moment booking can be done only before a month of the beginning of the tour. As per our company policy the client have to make the early payment up to 100% of the total amount depending upon the condition.

3. Cancellation
In the case of the cancellation of the tour by the guest; the 25% of the advance payment will not be refunded.
As soon as the booking is confirmed the company has to reserve the hotel rooms, porter, guide, transportation and the other resources required for the tour. And in the case of cancellation all our preparation will be futile and the company has to pay up for the loss and need to compensate so company will not be refunding the 25% of the advance payment to the guest.

4. Flight cancellation
In case of the Flight Cancellation by any party; the client themselves and the airlines will not force the company to compensate for the financial losses.

5. Partial tour.
Sometime the tours are partially completed by the client because of the illness or the injuries; in such case the company will not be refunding the amount to the guest.
Additionally, in a case of natural disaster the government will prohibit to enter in the certain areas and permit of the company will be cancelled. So,in such case company are not responsible for the refund.

6. Extra charge
In most of the cases the client do not have to pay any extra amount and the tours goes smoothly. Only in the case if the client expect more than the things offered in the package, the price will be increased.
Damaging or loss of the equipment borrowed from the company will also lead to extra payment.

7. Rules and Regulation
Kreuz Outdoor is founded in the idea of exceeding clients satisfaction and expectation and providing excellent customer service. However, the company will encourage no illegal activities or actions. The company will be obligated to inform authorities if any of such actions are known to have been committed by clients even after prior information.
A proper guideline listing all the do’s and don’ts will be given to the guest before conducting any activities to ensure safety of all involved parties. The clients are required to follow the instructions provided by the guide/leader/ coordinator strictly. The company cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage or fatality inflicted upon the client or anybody else by negligence of client to follow the given instructions.

8. Insurance and travel Risk
The government of Nepal has sanctioned an act in 2053 B.S. prohibiting all foreigners to purchase insurance in Nepal. So it is very important that the clients purchase adequate travel insurance in their respective countries. Common insurances needed to be purchased for safety and security during travel in Nepal include medication, natural calamity, helicopter evacuation, trip cancellations and personal accidents.
The company will require personal and insurance information from clients before beginning journey outside the capital for proper processing of paper work for any unfortunate situation. Our company will conduct the rescue, by contacting the rescue companies if any such situation arises along with the proper paper works. However, our company will not take any risk regarding payment of rescue.

9. Agreement to accommodate
All proper services and facilities will be provided to the clients along with accommodation during their stay in the capital. However, lack of infrastructure and development in the Himalayan region makes it difficult to ensure continuity of such facilities during the trek services like Wi-Fi, luxurious accommodation etc. may or may not be available during the journey. Clients are requested to cooperate with the team member/ co-staff during the difficult situation and act according to situation at hand. The company suggests the client to get prior information about conditions of the journey to their preferred destinations. The company also suggests, that you to collect all the required material adequately that are important to you and have less chance to be available throughout the journey.

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