Being the world second richest water resource country, Nepal provides a platform for rafting to water sports lovers in various parts of the country. Rafting is also an adventure sport that our guests can participate in on our fast flowing rivers. Rafting is undoubtedly one of the most captivating and physically demanding water adventure sport in the world.

Originally, rafting was used as one of the earliest means of transportation for shipping people, hunting and transferring food. However with the time, it became very popular so that people started to enjoy it as one of the most exciting adventure sports.

Some of the most exciting places for rafting in Nepal are Sunkoshi, Tamur, Karnali, Marshyandi, Arun, Kali Gandaki, Bhottekoshi, Bheri and Trisuli. Sunkoshi, Trisuli, Bhotekoshih, Kaligandaki are easily accessible as they are situated near the Kathmandu valley, whereas Tamur, Bheri, Karnali and Arun require a trip of several days, as they are quite far from Kathmandu valley.

Kreuz Outdoor is familiar with well-known professional river-rafting trainers and can organize a rafting adventure at a reasonable price.